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OData Server
REST (OData)
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RWAD Tech(©) OData Server is a .NET application running in different forms. With this product you'll get fully automatical REST (OData) service running above existed database. Start Server and you will get REST service with great features of OData specification on existing database.

How does it work?

Install OData Server

Create instance of service

And got automatical REST!


Objects collection in JSON

Access management UI

Centrally manage multiple instances


Auto refresh

After change of DB schema You will not need to build and deploy project to the production environment. Just restart OData Server and use actual REST API

No line of code

Usually creating of systems's REST API - is the task of full project development with all the attendant costs. With help of OData Server You will get ready-to-use API with no line of code!

More than just REST

Supporting OData standard provides functionally rich API: construction of Select clauses from a variety of related entities, sorting, filtering and pagination features

Data sources

OData Server is compatible with different RDBMS, providing identical functionality. At the moment OData Server works with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL

Authentication and authorization

Do not worry about data protection from unauthorised access due to OData Server has built-in users authentication and authorization. Product supports different authorization types - Basic, Token

Access administration UI

Use out-of-box user interface (AngularJS project) to manage users accounts, access roles and access rights to database objects obtained through OData Server

UI to manage web services

Ready graphical (web) interface to manage (create, edit, delete, get logs) web (OData) services

Stored procedures support

Extend your application business logic with stored procedures. OData Server supports calling SP execution through REST interface

Detailed logging

OData Server has built-in configurable logging system. With created journals it's You can easilly and painlessly perform service diagnostic

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